Thursday, March 3, 2011

Stitching Along The Tracks, of Our Vast Oasis

Gertrude Chandler taught elementary school in Putnam, Ct. way before my time. She wrote the children's book series The Boxcar Children. A collection of her works were last seen at the Smithsonian Institution's gift shop, Washington D.C. Gertrude Chandler, a gifted storyteller & a true inspiration, of whom this posting is dedicated to, & all the women of the world, who have provided us, with a very diverse & compelling history, which of course brings us together once again, in honoring & celebrating Women's History Month worldwide...

Stitching Along The Tracks, of Our Vast Oasis

With Reflections on Woman's History Month-

I don't know why I feel this way
the energy to go and play...
my mind is ageless, yet to do
no ordinary task I stew

so I shall cook one, steep the broth
wash all the veggies, parsnips, chops
of celery, carrots, onions strong
to fortify this winter's song

of changes that the season brings
initiated rooted dreams
such fleeting framed views, windows seem
the piecing of each fiber's seams

to put together this strong cloak
and bring it forth, each stitch and spoke
no superheros in this time
but wisdom and support I find

for stories each we spin and tell
our strong opinions echo well
there's something special in the air
I see it vast and can't compare

we gave up much so long ago
and did what we were told, to tow
it worked out well, I've no regrets
and yet that mold won't pass the test

of keeping persons in their place
domestic history's lost to haste
I'm just one woman bent to tell

our stories
Miriam's well

Thank you Miriam of the time of the "great exodus", as I thank all the women from a time before time to the present, & my "special*friends" who have forever encouraged me in my creations of prose, poetry & art. A very special thank you too, to the dynamic & talented women of the writers group I have now been so honored to be a part of, & to share in, as through you all, my muse has spoken.


So here we are, the other half of the world's population gender, marching a long, doing our part.... And so concludes today edition of our ongoing-
Poetry a Muse In Motion Project

May peace & justice be with you, in all corners of the world. True this may be an ideal & a dream, & though some dreams are sung as "impossible", we the people of who the month of March is dedicated to, in celebrating our world history, we do know that from a tiny microscopic seed, all dreams are possible.

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Anonymous said...

Lovely Poem, and interesting read...Women are such a special group of people...always doing, always nurturing and inspiring..."Stitching Along the Tracks of our Vast Oasis...sums it all up. LOL. b. Malin

Mother Lightning said...

Thank U* Barb, such heartfelt times of reflection for all of humanity. Our paths are never easy, so rich in what we learn, but never easy.

*lol & peace always*