Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Dog Dolly Is Working For The Cause Mikado Style

I don't know what to say.... I took a good look at my dog Dolly the other day. The color of her coat was reminiscent of camel hair, her eyes so clear & earnest & I said to myself. Wow, Dolly you're not an ugly duckling anymore, your beautiful!

Yes, you certainly deserve the bones, & other treats you've been getting, as you've kept the deer away from my garden, & it's been worth the long dogie haul. I think come springtime we're gonna learn about how to put together an obstacle course for you to have some well deserved fun, no matter the weather, & twists & turns life brings!

Ok, Dolly & I are signing off,"woof ". Tonight she thinks she's Lady Liberty's Assistant as she knows as well as any a female dog can know, that her favorite companion has been busy this week due to International Woman's Day & she's keeping the spirit of the torch a glow, by doing all the right things. Most importantly she's been doing an excellent job, in her assigned duty of patrolling the grounds & my gardens are safe. For truly "the flowers that bloom in the spring, tra la, have "something" to do with the case". This time anyway.

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