Thursday, March 24, 2011

Waiting For The Sunrise, Tones of Blue, Shades of Snow

Waiting For The Sunrise, Tones of Blue, Shades of Snow

To our Son on his 28th Birthday March 24th, 2011

waiting for the sun
tones of blue
shades of snow
no longer is the moon
tones of blue
shades of snow

birthdays, holidays
today is
just your day

may it be a good one
a grand one
a fun one
and may you feel
a smile

your smile
our smile

you walk your path
with time's true cast
and ponder what
it is
have dug down deep
for spring does teach
a gentleness of prayer,
it's quiet speak
has known to reach
compassion in your care,
a learning curve
an arrow's bow
an aim
from mid thin air

spring's earth and work
of hope evokes
a flowering of trust
we learn in time
a lifetime's mined
as love, does find a way


We parents of the world, we so love our childen here, there & everywhere.... Loving thoughts & prayers go forth in this poem to our son, on this his special day. Thus concludes today's addition to the Poetry A Muse In Motion Project.

And as the world continues to spin, & do it's thing, & the countries of the world, it's governments, organizations, & people continue to do their thing, to us all only kindness matters & though it does matter that world events both natural, & people produced, have been making it harder & harder, no matter the message, no matter the vibe; it does make a great deal of difference when we treat one another respectfully, with kindness & care, one person at a time, & to this I say, amen.

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Anonymous said...

What a Lovely Poem to your Son, Cheryl. I could feel the Love flowing from your Heart to His...I'm sure he will Love and Treasure it. Interesting pictures, but from where? you do not say, or missed it. LOL. b. Malin

Mother Lightning said...

The photos, symbolic of what I was trying to convey-
The opening photo is from Syracuse's campus, when Zac was a 2nd yr. law student there.

The middle photo is of our yard, this morning, the morning of his 28th BD.

The last photo, also of a native american archer, was taken just the other evening at one of my favorite antique shops.

I love the symetry of the bow w/ the arrow ready to go. To do archery, is an awesome experience, as it has so much power, balence & grace. Poetry in motion.

Thank u* for your endearing note. lol my friend