Saturday, March 5, 2011

In The Hood of The Grandmother Kingdom

What can I say, that could ever capture it, beyond today's title, probably nothing. Yet, in the tradition of which I was raised I'm gonna quviel*, & indulge myself the following garden of thoughts for the day, that it is today....

Being I'm quite true to my sign in the stars of the constellation gemini, & am pretty much typical in that regard. Throw in the unique family I came from, & let me say; as I do believe all of our childhood families are unique. It's what we later on do with it, that further brings aspects of it to light. And why would I be any different, of which I am, & I'm not, if you get what I mean. There is one total mindset that is, 99 & 44/100's % pure that we, the women of the world, who have become mothers, aunts & grandmothers, have in common, & as you can tell I didn't make it a pure 100% , because there are of course exceptions....

No matter where a woman travels in the world, her hometown, or to another side of the globe, when it is shared with one another, that we are mothers, sisters, aunts, & or even grandmothers, grand or great, the fact that anyone of these women would even define her biography this way to one another, which we do, often do, denotes, nurturer, & nurturer by nature's code, is a healer, "a taker-care-of-others individual".

I can't help but wonder if nature had any forethought, in considering the fact, that in the natural nature of; plants & animals this gender distinction to us anyway appears just an, is what it is, but in humans, it was not going to go that way. We as women know this, both historically, & individually, by living a life. Is that why other human cultures in the world would abandon or destroy the female of their own specie, specifically? Or that the modern day, so called civilized cultures, would lock the other half of their specie out of basic human rights. I for one have a child like mind approach to all these things & just plain wonder, why... If one half of a specie has their fair share of their own talents & attributes, then why would the other half, want to limit the full potential, of their "total human specie". Perhaps it is the same answer as to why that same half of the human specie chooses to go to war.
I am a married woman, & my husband has never shared the philosophy or views of the wild eyed oppressors, together we raised three sons, who we know don't share those views either. Yet they, along with the rest of us, must make our way in the same world we all inhabit, as those other views are flawed, yet flaunted, & it's seemingly one eruption of worldly challenges after another.

Today we are getting ready to attend our granddaughter's birthday party. She turned seven on, a date that does not exist on this year's calendar, as she was a leap year baby & was born on February 29th. I wish I could tell her that the philosophy of what I just discussed earlier does not exist, but I can't, because it does. She's still young, & has the benefit of a strong loving family, which every child requires & needs to become fortified, & strong in order to enter, what will some day be their adult world. For now we talk, sing, read stories & poems, do crafts together, & decorating peace flags is one of her favorites, as per her request. Will I tell her my views, & share my world. Most definitely, in an age appropriate way, as I want to see her grow up too, in- a garden of hope & possibility, as we do for- All the World's Children.

March continues onward, & is- Woman's History Month & with it I say to my granddaughter, your daughter, & our nieces, & to you & yours, & yours & yours... Happy Birthday, because Today is the first day of the rest of your life..

Yes, this Nana is from that 60's generation, but wouldn't have it any other way, for as a gemini, a little historic drama, goes a long, long way...

"Happy Birthday "J", Nana loves yaz , so very, very much."!

*quviel, from the Yiddish, which is as an overwhelming licence of "bragging rights" due to, in this case, deep seated love, as per in the case of say, grandparents.

To my mother, grandmothers, mother-in-law, aunts, cousins, sister-in-laws, nieces, daughter-in-law, & friends who have been woven into the sisterhood of my lifetime, these strong & creative women who make up my personal garden of friendship- for those who are no longer with us physically, my never ending timeless love & thank yous, & to those of us, that inhabit, & walk our planet, to this day, thank you for continuing to help to make our world a better place, for all, one person at a time.

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Anonymous said...

A profound and beautiful statement on womanhood......the positive kind !!!

Mike Champ said...

Nice post