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One Hundredth Anniversary March 8th of International Woman's Day

That's me, with my good ole Lady Liberty crown on. It just sort of evolved that way, as I see exercising one's freedom of speech as a way of giving breath to an aspect of what liberty is all about. The red striped fabric, you see in the photo below, is not an American flag, it's a bit of a modern art designed banner, that our friend, decided was way to big to continue to hold. I just needed to mention that for certain, as we eventually decided to place it elsewhere, as it does, in a folded position look very closely like our flag, & we were taught that our flag should never touch the ground, with liberty & justice for all.
Here you see our small group with two or there of our group's members not able to join us late this afternoon on the corner. About one in a half years ago, for twelve months of the year, we stood together on this corner, no matter the weather. After approximately two years of our standing together demonstrating for peace, we more or less decided our time could be spent creatively in other venues working on this issue. Today, because it was the 100th Anniversary of International Women's Day, it was decided to reunite once again, for the cause.
In the foremost of our minds, it is the Innocents, & the Troops that concern us, as we stand for this truth, & in so doing, we support this country, we love.
My day started out this morning by attending a meeting in town. After the meeting I headed out to Manchester, to get some errands done, but not without first stopping at my favorite retro restaurant, for a soft serve vanilla. What a luxury a small vanilla cone can be, as I had quite the day ahead.
At Guido's the waitresses wait on the customers while they go about on roller skates. So 50's, & a fun spot. Paige is the gal in the black, & Gina is the gal in the blue.

It was a wonderful day. It's not like I went or did anything extraordinary, it was just that the ordinary certainly held extraordinary meaning.....

I started off the day by attending an Economic & Development meeting in my town. There were approximately ten men sitting at the table, with the Chairman sitting in the middle, & our First Selectman sitting at the head. There was a guest presenter from the neighboring town, that is still in the midst of a battle in the courts, as to whether or not a Wall Mart is going to be a real thing for them. The debate has split, their town in half, with a lot of bad festering feelings, to be settled, ultimately by one of the higher courts.

I attended the meeting today, wearing two hats, one as a private citizen, & the other as part of our aquifer subcommittee, of our town's Conservation Commission. When I was asked towards the end of the meeting if I had anything to say, after sincerely complementing the Economic & Development Commission for doing a good job, I had a plain & simple question to ask, regarding our town considering selling approximately two acres of town owned land to a local water company. I was told that "yes", it was true, what I had read, & that they were considering this option. I kept my reply short, & commented that use of water from an aquifer is not unheard of & is certainly a suitable thing, if that is what is needed for the town, but to sell these precious acres is not something I as a citizen would want. Aquifer protection truly is the next big thing in the 21st century. The last words that I shared was to, "go slowly, & to be conservative".

Yes, ladies & gentleman, that is how I began my chapter of this, the 100th Anniversary of International Woman's Day. I was thankful, & am thankful, for if this were one hundred years ago, would I have even had, had the right to vote? To own property? Never mind speaking my mind as a member of a town's commission. Did commissions even exist one hundred years ago? That I couldn't say, but there were thinking & advisory groups back even then, of that we can be sure.

Above is a light array, of what the day brought. I hope yours was lovely as well, as we keep on moving forward, working on the important issues at hand. To be asleep at the wheel in this century is not the way to travel to, "infinity & beyond..."

{A 3/10/11 post script; We may have been pinked, but remained brilliantly strong in our actions, thoughts & deed to help "heal the world".}

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