Saturday, February 12, 2011

Vincent Van Gogh & Saint Valentine's Day

Snow cones are a possibility, as we have real maple syrup in the fridge, which is the best topping.
Someone is anxiously awaiting our special guests.
This beautiful heart, a special treasure from Ten Thousand Villages, handmade out of olive tree wood, & from Palestine, for further info:
The above quote has been on our fridge for many years now, & was given to me by my dear friend *S who has been living in Israel with her family for many years. *S has forever read my poems, & other bits & pieces of what I have composed, & always the supportive & encouraging friend. For *S, & all the people in Israel, & the entire Middle East, the call & prayers for peace we know are not simply a slogan, but an active exercise in living one day at a time, with prayers for peace always in the forefront.

Valentine's Day is fast approaching. I tend to have good memories of this day. From childhood times of exchanging colorful two sided cards with classmates, to making Valentines with my own children & now my grandchildren too. Today is certainly the day, as I expect them early on this afternoon. We have the paper, markers, crayons & glue sticks on hand, & I even have a bit of glitter-glue stashed away for projects such as these.

Paper projects, always have been the best & still are today for many a child. Sure we have computers, videos, & all sorts of "e" generated games, but nothing in my estimation will totally take the place of an actual hands on experience of creating something totally unique in a handmade way.

I have a reproduced Valentine of sorts with a statement attributed to, Vincent Van Gogh & it says, "The way to know life is to love many things." As troubled & disturbed Van Gogh, may have been, he certainly was a genius of artistic talent. With what he shared & the body of work he left behind, to this day his contribution is truly immeasurable, though continuing to be sold with a million dollar plus, price tag.

Yes so many of us love many things. The beauty of the snow on a crisp winter's day sparking the imagination, creating images & sentiments out of paper to share with those who are special with the special people in our lives, & even clicking along the blogger sphere, here. Expressing an idea, a sentiment or two, from this corner of the world & beyond...
The poetic, artistic types, we know who they are- They are you, I, everyone who has ever gazed upon a sunrise, lilies in a pond, majestic mountains, desert ranges vast... the topics are endless.... So for one day, I will enjoy this time, of what is a favorite to me, & return once again to that very innocent time when hand cut & pasted Valentines & the sentiments they still bring are near perfect.

Thank you Vincent Van Gogh, across centuries time.

How Does It Feel to Be in Love? Cover Art
Feb 2011

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