Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Daniel Berrigan An Honored Father of The Modern Day Peace Movement

Who are the people we look up to these days in this modern day peace movement, hmmmm...

Never gave it much thought really, not until this morning that is. What should I find downstairs in the cellar amongst my husband's papers, glasses & things, but the 12/10/10 issue of the National Catholic Reporter, loaned to him by our dear friend Ruth, a most devoted & informed peace activist. Ruth has told us she has been studying these issues, since growing up during WWII. And there it was a message to peacemakers right on the front page of a newspaper of sorts, which I had been ignoring. The paper had been sitting there for several days, & now that my eye reconnected with the peacemaker leading topic on the front page I figured I'd give it a through read. Never in all my life had I ever been so pleasantly surprised by a leading article in any publication, but here it was in black, white & many spectrumed colors. It was, a figure of a man, like any man, a you, & I kind of man, but then the eyes had it, there he was, the man who inspired an entire generation, the Jesuit Fr. Dan Berrigan or as he is know to the rest of us, Daniel Berrigan the peace activist priest, who demonstrated against the Vietnam War & went to prison for it, for all of us. I read the clear & concise article silently to myself, & was utterly moved to tears. Here he was speaking in Staten Island, N.Y. at the Mount Manresa Jesuit Retreat House, in honor of it's 100th Anniversary, which was in part founded by Dorthy Day a co founder of Catholic Worker communities in this country, & around the world. The event was marking & honoring the life & work of Dorthy Day, & the Catholic Worker communities which are known for their international work in combining aid for the economically impoverished with nonviolent peace action work worldwide.

Information for today's posting is credited to the National Catholic Reporter/NRC, & it's reporter,
Joshua J. McElwee with photos credited to, Kenan Malkic, & can also be reached by going to this excellent paper's site at www.NCRonline.org

The following quote is of the words of Daniel Berrigan, as quoted by, Joshua J. McElwee from the 12/10/10 article in the NCR-

"They shall beat their swords into plowshares"-- as he reflected on Day's long-ranging impact on him as well as as on the wider world.
Berrigan noted Day's cautionary wisdom that "we may never see the good outcome of the good we do," adding, as Day taught, that we must "do it anyway."


The Peace Garden says, thank you *all, so very, very, much. Thank you for these inspiring words to never, ever, give up, or to ever, ever, loose our hope, ever. Please help us God.


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