Thursday, February 24, 2011

Time To Get Cracking In This Winter's Garden, With Thoughts of the United Nations

It's so nice to be inside on this cold morning, as I do have this special vitamin A, complete with omegas & protein, special treat for my favorite pooch. Along with thoughts of A cup of Peace, & some coffee too, just enough for now to make some progress...
Many of us here in the northeast this winter are wondering how our plants have weathered this season... One of my concerns due to all the snow is the well being of our butterfly bushes. They were so happy before this winter, & have lost a lot of branches due to so many storms. I hope they heal this spring, & continue to grow forth, only time will tell...
Well here she is our pup of the century, Dolly. This is a special treat for her to be inside, as usually she's outdoors in the daytime. I could tell she was lonely yesterday & missed us, as I was away with the writers in Boston, & my husband was away in the Berkshires skiing.
Oh, poor lonely Dolly. She just couldn't get enough sniffs of my jeans yesterday, with all the arrays of odors from my rides on the T. I should just bottle it next time, & call it Channel Number T , Perfume for Dogs.
Here she is once again basking in the sunlight, how could I ever refuse her as we did miss one another, turtle I am. The sweet turtle with the energy sign you see below, was given to me from a dear friend, during the time of a very special Garden Party of which we all gathered together one early May to toast & honor friends of old & friends of new.
Yes, just like the Girl Scout song, so many of us sang of ole, & sung always in a round-
"Make new friends and keep the old
One is silver and the other's gold"

A new day has begun & it definitely is time to get cracking here in the Peace Garden, as progress is being made in getting my mind organized & focused for the projects at hand. Yesterday thankfully we were blessed with expansive sunniness, though still very cold, but thankfully had the grace of a beautiful sky. It also was my second time of traveling into Boston in my new mode, as a member of a very professional & focused Writers Group. It has been nine months since I left my former job as a nurse in a private school. Nine months a true gestational time for many a woman, & I see these new challenges as, another aspect of my life's true calling, & purpose. It was a special time, & very exciting for all of us in attendance yesterday, as one of our members had recently completed her novel, which we in our mutual function got to read & critique, as far as the last three chapters that is. I being the newest member had not had the opportunity yet to read what had come before the final segment as the other members had, but was assured I would most definitely get to do so, as the processes of doing one's rewrites, is as important I would say, as a nurse doing her repeated med checks, until of course she knows they are just right/write. Our co members writing was excellent, as I could tell by it's tone that it is a most compelling story. Everyone assured me that I will definitely get to read it in it's entirety, as there would be many rewrites, which is of course another reason why writers do need writers, in order to refine the craft, & do the best that they can do, mentoring one another.

On arriving home, it was important to get myself ready to again jaunt out, as our Interfaith Group, has a lot of behind the scenes work to do in order to get ready for our next United Nations International Day of Peace for autumn of this year. We are in the works of not only putting together our list of speakers & entertainment, but this year we will also be sponsoring an art show, which is so exciting. In putting together the art show not only will we be displaying & making peace flags, but are in hopes of having the involvement of established artists, & also including the children of our community. The sharing of art is an exciting aspect, as the color & vibes art puts forth is so very enhancing to the theme of peace worldwide.

We all know these are very challenging times in the world, & the countries of the middle east certainly comes to the forefront of the mind. We as people can be the best that we can be, or the worst. Many will forever ask me, where are your answers, what are your solutions... I have only one answer, war is not the answer.
For I am swearing to tell, "The whole truth & nothing but the truth, so help me God."

Please may we all help one another & do what we know is the right thing. A true amen, amen,
as humanity, we all know, what it is, we do know.


Below is some info. to the Greater Putnam Interfaith Council, of which we belong. This site is in need of some current updates, but please feel free to check it out, as it may provide you with some helpful info.

Also- Many of us still remember that the Friends, also know as the Quakers, have been actively working for a peaceful world, in this country, & before this country was a country. Please consider visiting their site, in order to stay abreast with the honest news, of the day, as they are very good at not only informing, but letting us all know what we could do to help-

Please feel free to share this link

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