Tuesday, February 1, 2011

UCONN Women's Basketball, Oh What A Journey For Woman's Sports!

These two cuties were with us in the upper section of 221 at Gampel Pavillion on the campus of the University of Connecticut in Storrs last night.
A tuba or two,
A small section of the fan base, enjoying the action...
A very dedicated student section on their feet for the team,
UCONN 87/ Duke 51
*excellent game!

I've never been much of a real sports fan. Have played a bit of softball with my brother, & friends growing up. Basketball & volleyball were an awesome time, for those were my natural team sport talents. It was mainly volleyball that I enjoyed best. Cycling, roller & ice skating, even scootering [or scooching, as I would call it], were all great fun. A threesome of us gals even played touch football one summer when we were 13, with a rather adventurous group of cool Italian dudes, in our neighborhood, decades before the other Dude, was on the scene. So from that I gained a bit of a football fan in me, but only a wee little bit, depending..

For Christmas my husband was given two tickets to the UCONN Women's Basketball game, & last night was the night. For starters I've never been good at being a spectator for any sporting event. Even when all of our three sons played soccer or basketball, & I was there for many a team event, I often would have to ask the person I was sitting next to what is the score, or what just happened, as my attention span as a spectator is so very poor. But in my own way I enjoyed going, being with everyone, & rooting our team on... In a very honest & true way I was a fan, an original soccer mom, from decades before the phrase was coined.

In the 70's there was a time when girls & women's sports were treated as no more than a little window dressing. Feels odd to even say that, but that was true, & then a law was passed. This new law addressed the situation of discrimination & lack of fairness in the government's funding of sports. Yes it took a law, but now decades upon decades later, women's sports on college campuses across this country, are a very happening event. Very skillful & most competitive too. "We have, come a long, long way baby..."

I may be late in my attendance as a fan, but what does that matter. What's important is that this former soccer mom, has additional "root, root, root for the home team...", experiences to look forward to, & the future of high level competitive woman's sports are here to stay.

Always my father's daughter, I too will quote the great Yogi Berra & agree, "It ain't over till it's over."

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