Monday, February 7, 2011

Linking My Way To You-

Well, well, well, what can I say, I'm thinking I'm finally getting it. Slowly but surely, the link factor, that is it, the linking...

I've always understood from the start the importance of it & why it's so helpful, but forever it seemed I just couldn't quite get the technique. It was because the doing of it, the technique of it & all just didn't seem to make any sense. I am determined that where there's a will there's a way. Though dinosaur with this technology, that I may be, but with a few baby steps, & some perseverance of experimentation's it can be done. Yes the Peace Garden "will get there, I know darn well, we can work it out.... "

The following are a few interesting happenings on the road to world peace, it seems only the second one of the links will work at this time, but "we'll get there.." So please feel free, do a click onto the link that says, "World Youth Peace Summit", as it does hold the promise of a most interesting & heartfelt event, one step at a time.

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