Thursday, February 10, 2011

Egypt The Whole World Is Watching With Heartfelt Congratulations

One of the oldest & most advanced civilizations in the world Egypt, who has given the world so very much-

As was said in the 1960's, when another generation was working so very hard for inner change in this country across the globe- May the people of Egypt, achieve what it is they want & need peacefully, so their citizens too, may be lifted to attain their hopes & dreams for a good, fair & just quality of life, for all their citizens in the 21st century, & beyond.


Post Script of Next Day Friday 2/11/11 @ 12:00 noon; as this day continued, & I was doing my much needed cycling & treadmill workout, it was reported on the news that Egypt's president, has left the country. Live scenes out of Cairo showed that the people were ecstatic! What a gigantic step for the people of Egypt, our hopes & prayers are for them to have what is they truly want in their country. Equality, opportunity, freedom, & peace, for all citizens of Egypt, our hearts, minds & prayers are with them as they continue to go forth....

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