Sunday, February 20, 2011

Billions & Billions In Space & Time

Eagle Nebula (M16) Pillar Detail: Portion of Top

In all honesty the Poetry a Muse In Motion Project, has been going very well. Not all of my poems have been posted as yet, as not all of them are of the to be shared category. The poem I will be adding to today's inclusion is one inspired by a very favorite & beloved scientist. All this talk about moonlight, & colorful light in general, has inspired me to share the following which I have had stashed away since 1/28/11

Today's posting is dedicated to someone, who I've hinted to as being one of my favorite scientists, but it is also a bit of a "shout out", with positive thoughts going out to The Bynars. The Bynars are, our favorite Boston based band, whom we believe do honor, to our favorite scientist noted in the following poem, & most appropriate to this winter's resurgence of their recent Star Wars film festival.

Billions and Billions

billions and billions
a favorite scientist
astro physicist
I do believe
ahead of his time
my time
your time
that space and time
universal thought
engages the most
brilliant and the ordinary


of an infinite

we have always known
that the here and now
always moving
in the zen
of a you

that's to always be a me
a part
of the you


our billions




Thank you Carl Sagan for sharing your ideas of infinite possibalities.
Am continuing with creative thoughts this winter, & looking forward to reuniting this coming springtime with friends of ole, of whom we love & hold so very dear, & who continue to inspire.
May peace be with you.
Spiral Galaxy M100

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