Saturday, February 5, 2011

It May Still Be Winter Here, But There Are Projects For Spring To Prepare...

Good Evening Friends of the Peace Garden,

Today's entry is from a message I recently added to the current emails during this week's communications with fam.*, & friends near & far. Please if I may, I would like to share this heartfelt message with you all too-

"As winter continues the Peace Garden will be working with recycled fabrics, in preparation once again of creating beautiful & unique, peace flags, come spring.

This project has two goals, one is for your community to make & have these wonderful flags, & the other is that some will be included in an ongoing project to be presented to the UN, as our gift in thanks of all that they do, & as an encouragement to us all, for folks of all ages. *Please if interested email [] for more info., [with the topic heading of "UN/PF" ] & for those who would like to participate, that are far, far away, "complementary instruction kits" can be sent, to u* as part of our,
"heal the world" project, one colorful ray of hope at a time.

Shalom, Salam, Baris, Peace
49 "Countries-Worldwide", have visited the Peace Garden as of this date, your visits are most welcomed."

Well that's pretty much my shtik for today, for though it's been very wet & gray, & our weather guy just told us to expect,"Arctic Cold" this evening, from our winter garden to yours, continued good wishes of safety & warmth, from our corner of the world to yours*!

Post Script: apx. 11:17 pm Well the weather "peeps" were wrong, no "arctic air", & temps outside tonight are 30's--to mid 20's.
Still overall what we would consider as being miserable conditions, really it's not all about the weather, it's about how we deal with it. So far so good, as long as one doesn't have to brave the elements. The thing about traveling in this season, is the ice- clear, black or milky toned, it's all a slippery slope in these here hills. We'll just have to take it, one step at a time, with extra care. My family used to tease me. For many a winter I would say, Watch out for the black ice. Now every one's grown, & is living on their own. We now talk about the present weather, the ice, & the sturdiness of our roofs. It's all so different now, with so much unfolding, new tracks & each on different paths. A true blessing, *Amen*

Cross reference postings for updated listings as of 2/6/11 of World-Wide Countries that have visited the Peace Garden, is now at number 50, & can be found in the updated, past entry 10/20/10 titled: A World-Wide View of Peace
& also
12/17/10 also updated, & titled: A Garden of The World Working For Peace

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Anonymous said...

Oh Cheryl, please stay warm...Your idea is a good one and I'm sure it will come to be in the spring. Ah, beautiful spring, may it be just around the corner. LOL. b. Malin Also, loved your pictures.