Saturday, February 26, 2011

The New Wing Of All The Americas, At The MFA/ Boston Museum Of Fine Art, Here's A Sampling....

Just a few images from our day at the New Wing of the Americas of the MFA, Boston.

It's so much fun to see how the energy flow of the art changes as the museum participants becomes part of the work...

This painting including the closeup, does it remind anyone of a local window view....

The mobile that the mom above agreed to pose with, was made by her daughter during MFA's Vacation Week Adventures, an obvious Alexander Calder inspired project by the museum's program coorinators. What a sweet mobil too, I'll have to share this with our Interfaith Group, yeah, now I know how to make one. We're so on our way to this year's United Nations International Day of Peace.

I am most fortunate to be married to a wonderful guy who also happens to be my complete opposite in temperament. I consider myself to be a turtle-penguin. It's my penguin nature that allows me a sort of break free, free form style, a bit opposite from the slow & steady, often times, lack of adventurous, side of myself. My husband of forty years plus, on the other hand, is definitely a much more adventurous soul, as he considers his totem to be an otter, river otter, that is. For him it was the book Ring of Bright Water he read as a child that clinched it. For me it was my first pet Tobey as my hopes & dreams were answered one Chanukah when I was five. My father named my beloved pet turtle Tobey. The penguin part was from those early preschool years of living in the Bronx, & going to the zoo every weekend with my father. In those days the penguins lived in their own refrigerated house, & we could view them behind a glass wall. We would see them waddling, sliding down hills made of ice, & just living a life of, what to me, seemed like never ending fun. Especially striking was their overall look, always decked out in beautiful contrasts, for whenever we visited the ice party was always a-go. What's not to love. Yes, definitely this Gemini has her other side, & it's a penguin too!

Anyway, the Otter yesterday was up for what an otter usually wants, fun & adventure, never all work, & no play, he's a rather balanced otter. This Turtle, had to quickly morph to Penguin, if she wanted the more adventurous side for the day's unfolding. We had to go into Boston anyway to pick up our son who was coming back here for a weekend. He works at one of the universities in the city, & my husband proposed that instead of picking him up at the train station in Worcester for the early evening, to just go into the Boston for the day, & check out the new wing at the Boston Museum of Fine Art or MFA as it is known. The weather of course was unbelievably iffy yesterday, with a soaking downpour to last all day, & with snow & freezing temperatures into the night. The MassPike, & the driving, the driving rain, all of it. Decisions, decisions, decisions..
The thinking was, that no way was I going to let the tv's network, weather people, who of course have a satellite feed, allude to possible oncoming horrors of the day, which I have been prone to listening to in the past. Then I would go right into that protective, not going anywhere fun, turtle shell. I now have my own acu weather site bookmarked, & I would check out their hour by hour feed. They certainly were more precise, with their predictions, no drama, & none of the gale force winds that the tv station had alluded to. And so, after a little of this, & a little of that, here on the ole slope, we were off. No hemming, hawing, or extensive discussions that this turtle- otter pair, could by nature find themselves becoming engaged in. Yes, it was a good decision, & off we went into the torrently wild, gray yonder.....

It was a good decission, as the New Wing of All The Americas, at the MFA, is worth a zillion trips into the city, rain or shine. Art, art, art, & what is exhibited, though when we're living through it in our own times, is at times, of course wrenching, but to see versions of it in all sorts of shapes, textures, forms & materials, what humanbeings have created & what has come forth, & is now exhibited, is one of the finest tributes to the human spirit.

Viva la art, evermore. Amen, yes amen, so be it truly.

[As amen does mean, "so be it truly", I just looked it up, truly.]


Over three hundred images were taken yesterday, & I'll be back again, posting from the MFA here at the Peace Garden. Hope you enjoyed the sampling, but better yet going to visit, up front & personal is the best of the best. So in my "adieu today", I encourage you if at all possible to make the sojourn. Some informative links are just below, of which we found very helpful-

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