Thursday, February 17, 2011

Carpe Diem Of One's Seizing The Day, A Writer's Life

Yesterday, what a day-

It's been a long & windy road, in my mind... as I have a writing project in a first draft form which I had begun, some months ago. How to continue, where am I going with this.... not wanting to become the tormented writer, ever..... , yet knowing if I don't write it, the possibility is just that, a possibility.

What it is I've been working on is an episode in an ordinary person's life, which has far from ordinary meaning. Are my thoughts up in the clouds, reaching for the stars.... Well, yes, they probably are, after all what can I expect with my family background. And though it's a very small story, it did become a pivotal changing point. Everyone who walks this earth has at least one compelling story inside of them. It's just a matter of figuring out, which one is worth retelling. I am no different, as this small episode is a gift from a place & time deemed to retell, by taking good notes, & listening to my heart.

So as we await spring, the time has come to sit down & stop agonizing over it. To stop hemming & hawing... For the one who hesitates, has much to loose, & if one chooses to live without regrets, then carpe diem is truly the order of the day.
With that I will close by saying- Yes, & will begin this new chapter by continuing to space clear, as this winter mind, needs it so. And, the other thing I can do for starters is so plain & simple...
It's sunny, the sky is blue, & it's not too cold a day. Hmmmm.. yes I know, a good time to get out there, one foot in front of the next. Next step. It's all so very doable, recognizing the gift, of the blessings which have been given to, us all.

Amen, Amen, Amen

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Anonymous said...

Write it my friend, write it, and there will be no regrets...and there is ALWAYS the DELETE button...LOL b. Malin