Thursday, February 17, 2011

As Time Melts, That Means Snow Too

It's been awhile since sharing a poem, & I've been keeping this one in my makeshift folder, until today-

As Time Melts

If I've never been a morning person
and I've never been an
early, evening person
to get somewhere
to arrive
on time
in my
will speak to you
in person,


Well it's still early afternoon, with much to do, & distant places to go, & yes you could say I'm that sort of person, please don't take it personal, except for this-

love & peace to all & ttyl

& so completes today's addition to the Poetry A Muse In Motion Project.


From yet another corner of the world, I would like to introduce to you the work of a very talented, & accomplished poet-

John L. Stanizzi, I can honestly say, is one of the most gifted, & artful voices of yes, my generation. Since John's posting has only just come in, I thought it best to share what it is I have now, & promise to talk about his poetry at a future time, here at the Peace Garden.

I have been fortunate to have read his book Sleepwalking, & must say the poetry truly created music in my mind. A most alluring piece of work that I couldn't put down, & will certainly revisit & talk about again real soon.
This note & link is from our beloved poet & friend, of who I hope you too will have the opportunity to read-

"I would like to extend an invitation to you to visit my publisher There are beautiful books of poetry to look at and purchase. I'd also ask you to take a look at my two books -- Ecstasy Among Ghosts and Sleepwalking, which you can purchase on the site. If you're inclined, pass this along to your friends. Thanks." JLS

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