Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Breakfast With Tolstoy & Other Friends

The books in the above Still Life are my family's volume of, Tolstoy's, War & Peace, next to that a newer translation of the Tolstoy original which is titled Three Novellas, to the right is Ghandhi an autobiography, opposite Tolstoy is John Stanizzi's Sleepwalking poems, & the thin sliver, yet awesomely powerful are James Scully's, Santiago Poems.

I met with James Scully back in the 70's & interviewed him regarding Santiago Poems, during my whus 91.7 fm radio days.

The Still Life below, includes of course Santiago Poems, which I must say, almost thirty eight years later, that the poem Now Sing is one of the most powerful, yet tragically beautiful works I have ever read, & view it as a statement to end all wars, now & forever more, & certainly deserves to be kept in the company of Tolstoy & Ghandi.
The other two books that I have included in today's mindset, & which are also to be counted to be amongst the Other Friends, are two volumes of poetry by my old childhood friend John Stanizzi, Sleepwalking, & Ecstasy Among Ghosts.

Yes, the life of a writer, never really easy, as those who possess the poetic heart, feel the elements of life so very deeply. We do not ask for this, but when the time comes that we have come to terms with it, & no longer wrestle it, we take it in, in the form of the rawness of which it presents it's self to us, & if we listen ever so carefully, ever so carefully & close, we can realize & fathom a glimmer of what it is it means at that very fleeting moment.

Good Day Everyone,

I awoke a little on the later side this morning, probably closer to nine that not. Originally I had an out of town hair appointment, the salon called to say it needed to be re booked, as the gal that does my hair was out sick today. The topic of my hair, is of course an information overload topic which I will address at another time. I'll just add a hint of a tease here, & say the words, curly, frizzy, mind of it's own, at times ruling my life, & yes I used to tease it back in the day. Ok, all right already, I told you... oye, but that is of course a very tiny hint, with the true story eventually unclasping with, straightening products, shampoos, cream rinses, rollers, electric, & non, hairpins, clips, papers, dippity do & sprays, to name a few... Yes, my hair has a mind of it's own, & has been known to rule.
So with that being said, & re booking this ongoing episode of my life, I must say that it's good to be able to remain open to change, as adaptation will always be the key.

Coffee always being a must, & deciding to sit in one of the less sunny rooms this morning, as my husband was, [& is still doing so, at this very moment] working hard on a project of bringing one of our spare bedrooms up to a more energy efficient level. Heating a home during our northeast winters is always a challenge that requires staying on top of. So there I was, finding myself in the corner of our family room, as it was a bit more removed from the project at hand. I wanted to begin the day in quiet, surrounded by many of my favorite books, enjoying that first cup of the day, which I did, & then this came to mind-

Breakfast With Tolstoy, and Other Friends

Breakfast with Tolstoy
or breakfast with none
my mind is made up
to just get it done
to write a novella, a play or a poem
can do it, will do it
a tale to behold

We all have a story
one of our own
to plod it, to write it, to make sure it's told
and truth be, does matter
these tales from our hearts
what's never been written
that is our true part

I will say this moment
I will say for me
my stories run deeply
like roots of a tree

So if you will grant me
an inch of your space
I'll tell you my story
to state my full case

It's long, though not boring
It's short in it's time
a lifetime of knowing
this one must be mined

Please grant me your patience
your love and support
for my story's
your stories


As I am about to embark on a special project, which I do know, is a very important part of my life's purpose, & to share this story, which will eventually come to page, is a blessing I am thankful for, each & every day. Amen

As of last week I decided to accept a dear friend's invitation to attend a meeting of a very professional writer's group, that she facilitates. This group of very talented & dynamic women have been meeting together for many years, accomplishing much in this very challenging & solitary profession of writing. I'm a bit of a newbie in all of this, though I've been writing ever since childhood, as I have never put the paper & pen aside, never. To be invited to join in, is a true answer to my prayers, my very dreams. As yes, according to the above rhythms of Breakfast With Tolstoy and Other Friends, I am in the process of working on the telling of a story. For me it was a very profound aha moment, as we all have a story to tell, & this one was truly life changing.


As the day continues to remain open with infinite possibilities, a few errands, & a bit of a this, or a that, it's time for me to move on. I wish you all truly, good day, no matter where you may be in this rather hectic, erupting place we call planet earth. The world of course has become smaller & we communicate much better, & faster globally. I wish you truly all safety & peace in all your daily encounters.

This concludes today's addition of the Poetry a Muse In Motion Project, peace be with you.

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