Thursday, February 10, 2011

Creating Peace, With Thoughts & Deeds

Good Morning Everyone,

I've begun the day with a little copying & pasting, & voila, I was able to transport my updated list to you, right off my homepage onto this posting. Thankyou for continuing to spread the word, of this little garden of thoughts.

Countries worldwide that have visited, #52 Guest Countries as of this date.
There are 195 countries in the world, yes the Peace Garden has a long way to go, but dreams are so worth persuing.

USA, France, Italy, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Israel, Brazil
S. Africa, Japan, Russia, Columbia, Viet Nam, India, Taiwan, Germany, Solvenia, Oman,
Ukraine, China
Indonesia, Latvia, Netherlands, Poland, Singapore
Australia, Greece, Turkey, Mexico, Saudi Arabia
Malaysia, Uruguay, Croatia, Romania, Kenya, Chile
Ecuador, El Salvador, Philippines, Spain, Lithuania
Sweden, Nigeria, Denmark, Hungary, Pakistan, S. Korea
United Arab Emirates, Costa Rica, Ireland, Morocco

Thank you for yor visits of support. It has been just a few short years, of sharing these garden of thoughts. Peace is what is naturally, in the hearts of everyone, near & far. With thoughts, actions & deeds, I know we will make it.

No matter our loction on the globe, we are, "one under the sun". With thoughts of friendship, & love, from our corner of the world to yours, we wish you- Good Day!

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