Tuesday, February 1, 2011

To Be or Not To Be, on Jury Duty That Is, or Not

After loosing the original paperwork, & then going directly to the Court House after the holidays, to obtain all the necessary information, the hour is fast approaching. I will know in about an hour or so if I am needed for my responsibility of Jury Duty. Comedians make jokes about it, & we the public add our remarks to the dialogue, but in all honesty it is a responsibility that we take very seriously in our Democracy. It is not perfect, but for the past three hundred plus years, this is what we've had, & we do, do our best to make it work. You & I, the common citizen, amongst our peers.


6:35 pm, I was finally able to get through to the Superior Court, & just got off the phone. My services will not be needed, & acording to the recorded message; I have fullfilled my obligation.
I think that pretty much covers it for what is it, seven years?

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Anonymous said...

Loved your picture of the WISE owls. Mmm, Jury Duty, to serve or not to serve...like you have a choice? Seriously, it can be interesting seeing Justice served and being a part of it. Good Luck, either way. LOL. b.Malin