Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Worldwide View For Peace

To My Friends Around The World--

It has only been recently that I am beginning to understand more fully what this blogging thing, has been all about for me. I think many of us are "called" from deep within, to write, to do music, to do some form of expressive art. Theatre, film, dance, painting, photography, the list of the artistic expressions are as varied as the human beings that people this earth. Ultimately we are all trying our very hardest, not unlike those who painted on the original cave walls, to communicate, to be heard, during a duration, of one's time on earth.

The mind boggling vastness of the Internet, has given us another canvas, another cave wall, to reach out & communicate with one another, using our people-made tools. None of us see, or know all, but many of us know enough to know that positive & negative exists in the factors of the elements of which they are.
When I write my essays, stories, or poems, I try my very best to paint the experiences of what I've lived through, am presently dealing with, or have witnessed, with as true of a brush, as my muse directs.

I thank U*, Everyone, for I know you are both "near", & also, so "very far away"-- And are from the many continents of our beautiful world. Thank you, for allowing these fleeting pictures & words, from this Peace Garden blog to enter your consciousness, for the brief moments in time that they do, for we then connect. As one human being to another, throughout the world, this "digital world" has given us all, the wings of a dove.

I wish U* all good health & peace.



Mother Lightning's Peace Garden will be three years old this coming New Year's Eve. Since the beginning of this venture the Peace Garden has been visited by people from all over the world, which for me is very exciting, as I consider ourselves, All, citizens of our planet earth, doing the very best we can, living a life. The roots of our human tree, run so very deep, in our connection to one another.

As of this point in time we have been visited by individuals, from these various places in the world- United States, France, Italy, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Israel, Brazil, South Africa, Japan, Russia, Columbia, Viet Nam, India, Taiwan, Germany, Slovenia, Oman,Ukraine, China, Indonesia, Latvia, Netherlands, Poland, Singapore, Australia, Greece, Turkey, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Uruguay, Croatia, Romania, Kenya, Chile, Ecuador, El Salvador, Philippines, Spain, Lithuania, Sweden, Nigeria, Denmark, Hungary, Pakistan, S.Korea, United Arab Emirates, Costa Rica,& Ireland. When new places of the world visit the Peace Garden, I will be sure to take note. Perhaps we shall meet in person one day, as many we have already met, know, & love. And for future travels I will remain forever hopeful, that we shall someday meet.
[Last update of worldwide visits to the Peace Garden *2/6/11* brings us to 50 countries.

Thank you all, your visits are most welcomed.

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Peace never gets old..........