Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Our First Visit To The Peace Abbey

A worn sticker, at The Peace Abbey, bearing a message that never gets old.

Inside the sitting room at The Peace Abbey, the same room where David White sat with us to share the first part of his lecture series on Buddhism last night.

No matter the weather, we were compelled to have a close eyed view of this image of Gandhi, standing tall.

A robe of what St. Francis would have worn.

An honored place for the braclets of MIA & POW military from the War in Viet Nam.

All known religions of the world's peoples are honored at The Peace Abbey, our Native American brothern comes to mind here...

This Peace Pole has on it written, "May Peace Prevail On Earth", can you identify the language...

Yesterday's gray & misty weather was not enough to hold us back, as my husband & I refused to deter our plans to visit The Peace Abbey, in Sherborn, Massachusetts. There we were, traveling amidst the seemingly harried commuter, & immensely gigantic truck drivers who at given moments pulled some real questionable moves along the byways to & on the Mass Pike. While on Interstate 395 my husband reminded me, "This is the kind of weather you usually don't travel in, & rather hunker down." He was right of course, as he went on to say, "It's foggy now, it's going to be worse on our way back." He was correct again on all counts, & was gently reminding me of the way it's been, as we, as all travelers, have had our fair share of many an in climate trip, when the foul weather has been known to rear this "Chicken Little's", head, but that was before Big Sur & the Red Woods !

After having a really good dinner at a local Italian Deli along the way, we meandered our way to The Peace Abbey. It proved to be somewhat of a challenge to locate, even with printed Map Quest directions & a GPS. A major bridge was out, & a fair amount of detouring needed to be done, but we found it, & pulled in a little after 6pm. Though it was still rainy & gray, it was still light enough to walk & view the grounds a bit. Am hopeful to return again on a day when the weather is a bit more pleasant, but when you're at The Peace Abbey, everyday is a reminder of hopefulness, & therefore most beautiful. As is life, always, in the eye, of the beholder.

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