Monday, October 4, 2010

"To Those That Toast"

Beautiful fruit of the vine,

How so a life, like any city street....

Our season's autumns, fleeting in it's beauty...

Some days of course, for us humans, will always be harder that others, ultimately we "Seize the day"!

This past weekend I was expecting our son with his significant gal, traveling up from the D.C. area. They would be arriving in a truck for which he was to transfer his furniture & other items which were stored in our barn since his graduation this past May. My delima, always presented it's self with the accumulation of housework, that I never seemed to want to allow myself enough time to get done. Like many, I have this aversion to getting started, in actually doing the cleaning & all, & tend to waste a lot of time stewing over it. There are far more rewarding things to do with one's time, than vacuuming, dusting & putting a kitchen back in order from it's constant use. Ultimately I get it all done, & once actually doing it, I never really seem to mind it quite as much, as the thinking about, "it".

It was of course a wonderful visit, though whirl winded. All of our extended family wasn't able to gather, but those of us that were at hand, helped in the loading of the truck, & figuring out, what to add to the array of furnishings that would be traveling on the road for those long eight hours. This past Saturday was a sunny day for early October, & what was not to like. We cranked open the umbrella, barb-b-qued, & made a fun loving toast dedicated to--- "Those that toast"!

Those That Toast

{& with it,}

enjoyed the brief moments,

of enduring love,

in autumn's fleeting sun.


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