Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's Much More Than A Cookie, Cookie--

I must say, as simple as these cookies are, they are really "perfecto" & go with everything!
The good ole Post Office, where the old is morphed & becomes the new, the improved. Quite the roof line.
There it is our little bundle, posing one last time until they arrive at a Post Office near "yaz".
Some beautiful symbols of our great country--

The love of a dedicated & devoted grandmother travels near, travels far--

Our grandmother born & raised in Yonkers, N.Y., was the cornerstone of my father's extended family. Her cooking skills were legendary. My father would often say something to this effect, "Boy what my mother could do with a potato, that was really something!"

I certainly don't have that talent or skill, but what I do have is a tremendous place in my heart for the love she gave all of us, which continues to transcend our generations through place & time.

"From generation to generation, love is the soul."

At 2:15am yesterday morning, after I "disasterized" our kitchen with, oh so much flour, on the counters, & even on the floor, I taste tested my own sampling, addressed padded envelopes as the remaining batches cooled, then packed up nine batches of our "Grandma Anna's Newly Twisted Coney Island Rugulla", into consumption safe containers, & then stuffed these containers into the proper sized padded envelopes. At 12:40pm they were hand stamped "perishable" by a U.S. Postal worker, & off they went to our extended family across the country, "from sea to shinning sea", literally.

When our extended fam* of-- Aunts, Uncles, & Cousins receive these packages, the one & only note, on the back of each, says it all---

"Grandma Anna's Newly Twisted Coney Island Ruggula"

Have arrived!

[I hope so, & will keep you posted.]

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