Friday, October 15, 2010

Peace Love & Cookies

We had quite the storm last night, with toroid winds & rain. Our monthly Conservation Commission meeting had come to an end, & as leaving our Historic Old Town House, the rain was just beginning to come down, ever so lightly then, but it was still early, just a little past eight. I asked one of my friends on the commission if she thought I could make it back & forth to the store before the big storm came, she said she thought so, "I don't think it's supposed to get really bad out until much later." I needed to get the items on my grandmother's ruggula list. Ruggula is of course an eastern european Jewish pastry. A very simple recipe of-- flour, eggs, milk, margarine, sugar, cinnamon, raisins & nuts. There you have it the basics for my family's version of what is an intensive labor of-- love, fun &, a special treat.

Now that I've shared thoughts on obtaining the items on "my list", I must add this--

The end of May of this year I had left a job of where I had been employed for ten years. I am now at a place in time, where I could of course return to a profession of which I have worked intermediately for forty years. Working in the field of nursing certainly suited me back in the day, but I am a different person now. Life does that to people. If one doesn't fall asleep at the wheel, one can see "what's what" for them, & when the handwriting appears on the wall, it is best to take it to heart. My heart tells me, it is time to write down & share the stories that have been living inside of me, since my time has begun. My grandmother Anna of whom I learned the way of making ruggula, was a storyteller of generous heart. Now so many generations later, we all have benefited from her deep commitment to love of family. When our own children reach their goals & successes in life, for my part, from my contribution as a mother, the love of my father Samuel who continues to this day, to guide me, comes through, his mother, my grandmother Anna is a big part of the story from generations past.

From generation to generation-- "love is the soul".

{This essay & prayer for our generations, also includes a prayer of thanks for what our son shared, as a most special day for him, of his having reached one of his important life goals.}


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