Wednesday, October 20, 2010

For Dolly, "It's Been A Hard Day's Night"

John, Paul, George & Ringo sang it loud & strong. How could we ever forget. Or as some others sang-- "There's a place in the sun where there's hope for everyone..." That song too, was a big hit back in the day, but was not done by The Beatles, though I can't think of who. "?" In time I'll be sure, to figure it out....

You've heard about my adventures with Dolly I am sure, for a while it was all I could ever talk about. She has thankfully, it seems, to have turned a corner. She's a lot less of the "wild & crazy" pooch she was becoming, from having had been confined far too much. In her natural personality, she has never been much of a barker, & when she gets to barking we are so, very, proud!

We were watching one of our favorite TV shows last night. Yes, the glitz & glib performance in The Good Wife, keeps us tuned in when we're here on Tuesday nights. About midway during the program we heard Dolly's repeated barking out somewhere on the peripheral of her "electric avenue" boundary. It was a bit unusual for her, for as I said, she hardly ever barks, so much for my watch dog, but nonetheless there we were watching our trash TV program, & the sounds of her barking made me feel very good.

I brought her in at around 11:30PM or so, just after turning down the thermostats. In our end of the day greetings of one another, she with her sweet dogie smile, yes I do see a smile there, & me, with the wonderful words she loves to hear, "Good dog Dolly, good for you." She enjoys this one on one, & also enjoys being crated at night, as it reinforces a cave-like calmness in her, & it definitely works out just fine. Before having her go into her cubicle cave, & just after my exuberant end of the day patting & petting, I feel this wetness at the lower portion of her neck, just above her left shoulder. I causally say to her, "Why are you all wet, it's not wet out?" & there was my answer-- Sweet Dolly had somehow gotten herself wrangled up with some sort of an animal. At first I thought she had attacked a deer. Then I thought, perhaps a raccoon attacked her, & then I even thought, she caught something & was shaking it around, but that didn't make sense as her face was totally clean. I think it was some sort of predator experience, & that's why we heard barking.

Well I washed up really good, & even rinsed with some betadine. For Dolly well in all honesty, even though I've done my share of wound care & all over the years, it has only been of the human animal experience of first aid. So I'm still a bit grossed out at present. She'll eventually get a bath & all, but I do need to find those thick rubber gloves I have stashed away somewhere. For now she's enjoying her day in the sun as you can see, with hardly a care.

Yes, "woof" to you too Dolly, I know you've been working hard.

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