Saturday, October 30, 2010

Wind Full Traditions-

From one of the fortunes, which states-- "Avert misunderstandings by calm, poise & balance."

I first began listening to the CD CUSCO, Ancient Journeys, over a decade ago when my then, new ongoing art project, which I established in my father's memory back in 1995, Ahava Art Works, had moved into it's very first artist studio. I hadn't listened to this CD for several months, & since I was feeling "inspired" as I was about to work in the kitchen, it seemed just the right music to listen to, & I was right.
In the process of forging for fortune cookies, what should I find was this container of sea kelp, which was purchased some years ago, & is pre BP biggest oil spill ever, since ocean drilling, era.

Many of us have seen the photographs of prayer flags streaming in the wind from the monastery in the mountains of Tibet. It has been said that as the fabrics unravel, & the threads of the prayer flags go forth, they carry with them to the far corners of the world, their prayerful messages.

As I was neatening up our kitchen late this morning, I was inspired by what a dear friend, [actually my former boss], posted on facebook today. She shared-- "peace. it does not mean to be in a place where there is no voice, trouble or hard work. it means to be in the midst of those things & still... be calm in your heart." [unknown]

How true, how true. It made me think, of oh so very much, of how thankful I am for having worked this past decade with such heartfelt & meaningful people in my life, & also of what I was doing with myself a little over a decade & a half ago, & how I am gratefully evolving back to that very place, but now so much wiser, & therefore, even more grateful.

I've been wanting to share my accumulation of fortune cookies with the birds. I have quite the batch, never wanting to really throw them out, for they do also hold a certain form of wisdom. If I were to share it with the birds, & let the crumbs satisfy them & if the tiny bits of messages of advise & wisdom were to also go forth, it will be another way of sharing positive messages to all four corners of the earth, even microscopically.


On this day sixteen years ago, October 30, 1994, my father, Samuel Myron Kapelner passed on from this earth. I think he would really be getting a kick out of my various cookie adventures, of both his mother's, & now the fortune cookies. It all makes sense, as my father though a true Renaissance man that he was, was a really sweet "rocket scientist", kind of guy.

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