Friday, October 29, 2010

A Few Of My Favorite Things

Cartoon characters remain some of my favorite things....
As does this simple & basic recipe,

Favorite things can be hard to narrow down. One of my very favorites, is to reach out & connect with extended fam*, near & far.

Speaking of "near & far", our grandmother's special batch of cookies have been arriving at their assigned destinations. Last night after returning home from a meeting, & doing my last check of the day, I received an email from my cousin Deb, in Florida, & then a few minutes later from my cousin Arlene, in Texas. Last word being "yum".

That's all I needed, just to know that these special packages have been arriving, & so far in a rather timely manner. As of yesterday, which of course was Thursday 10/28 , & the mailing date was Tuesday 10/26 , it had just been two days.

A sugared confection traveling a few thousand miles. Yes, I certainly do agree for--

"When sugar kicks in", we're there!


As of a little while ago, I received emails from two additional cousins, my cousin Penny
from N.J. She requested the recipe, so she & her Dad could make them together. My Uncle Marty was a professional baker for decades, so I'm sure their batch will be *excellent.
Also, our other cousin from Texas, just logged in & reported the delivery of their batch, was of the "yummy" category. My cousins Missy & Burt have the photography gallery in Dallas, Texas.
PDNB "Photographs Do Not Bend", a most *excellent experience into the visual world of art. Can't wait to go back.

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