Tuesday, October 19, 2010

This Roadside Attraction Is Friendly & Welcoming

Here we are presently visiting the Harvest Garden & the Concrete Factory in Ashford, Connecticut. It's right near where my Storr's Women's Writers Group friend, Barbara used to live. A big "Hello" to you Barb, all the way to the N.J. shore. You'd love this place, I just know it. Hope to see you soon.
Meet Jim Eidson, owner & manager of this quaint family stand. I believe he told me he grew up in Missouri, which makes perfect sense, as he has that mid-western friendly way. He & his wife have raised their family, put the children through school, & now they've been doing this for the past 6 years or so.
I've been looking for a really good batch of Apple Butter, this one promises to be excellent, as it states it is Amish Made, & all the way from Newton, Illinois too.

Just as the season promised there is plenty of color for one's viewing pleasure. Here's to autumn a favorite season that is ever so fleeting!

Harvest Garden & the Concrete Factory is located at the intersection of route 74 & 44 Ashford, Ct. You can email them at [harvestgarden@charter.net] If interested in obtaining fruit butters, relish, & mustard from the Amish tradition stop by, or get in touch with Jim.

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