Monday, October 18, 2010

Thoughts From A Country Bike Ride

I'm going to take my chances, & add a bit of organic nutrients to the garden. Nothing in the artificial chemical realm, just a purely simple natural source. For decades ago there were numerous toxins, & to this very day, at times, they may still emit. I live out amongst a most precious landscape, of what some might call, "God's Country", because of it's pure & simple beauty. Most is natural beauty of course, the rolling hills, the fields of wildflowers, when in season. For my view today it is also the season of the orchard, my reason for thoughts of change.

What we grow, for production purposes that is, often needs to be cared for & managed. Certainly nutrients of what is known to grow wild can also sustain us, if we know "what's what". In my life it is predominately produce that has been farmed & harvested by the farming community, who literally are the backbone of my nutritional well being.

By the time many of us migrated from our cities of origin, the dye that infiltrated our psyches, for the most part, had been cast. If by the age of seven, anyone along the way, if they had been raised under the domination of even one abusive parent or caretaker, my observations, & conclusions have arrived from these thoughts-- Some have been able to hurdle with great skill I must add, over the barbs, & what ever else had been laid out or aimed at the cast members, due to whatever Mad Hatter, Gestalt, the universe had orbited their way. For that was all they knew. Throw some Judaic-Christian teachings into the mix, stir it up occasionally, & wa-la, what have you here. Well in most instances you have a rather large population dependent on the psychiatrist community. This community of mostly well intended professionals have been known to help former cast members who transversed the various mine fields, face episodes for what they were. Each & every cast member comes out of that former domain with as much potential for positive growth, as the individual is willing to put into it. But also, add to that the fact that the person as in Aristotle's time would say-- "Give me a child till the age of seven & I give you a man." What that means of course is that the first seven years of a person's existence is the most formidable time, in that person's life. Throw into that an original environmental mix, as mentioned earlier-- "the Judaic-Christian teachings", of all the "shalls" & "shalt nots", & what have we here-- Well here we are again, at the very beginning of this essay, for life is a circle. How to deal with, a difficult & abusive individual, who may happen to be a parent, is one of the most challenging of life's acts & chapters.

My husband kindly reminds me that the way of the Buddha, is truly the way with this. Often times, it becomes most challenging. The key for me is to work better on meditating, & being actively involved in disconnecting those buttons, which only a certain person in my life is able to activate. I need to try in a much more focused way, knowing that though the past & distant garden from way back then, may have contained, some of, but not all of, a rather potent batch of pollutants, every new moment of encountering, can be brought to a point, where aspects that were once painful, hold purely nothing. It is true that we do in many respects, create our own suffering. In the garden I described above I am still learning, "non attachment", fore, for me, it holds, a very important key. For inner peace, of all individuals, is an essential in the goal, of true world peace.

Yes, today this garden needed an organic source of nutritional input, & some weeding too.

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