Sunday, October 17, 2010

At Long Last "The MIKADO"

As a child the interesting world of the theatre filled our home. Our parents were into Broadway & being the native New Yorkers that they were, they loved various venues of music-- from high classical, show tunes & opera. It was from this mix, which came the various household tunes of the day.

I loved the show tunes, & couldn't get enough of those Broadway musicals. One of my favorite records that they would play was, Gilbert & Sullivan's-- "The MIKADO". It is described as a comic opera in two parts, but it is much more than that. The rhymes & rhythms are amongst the most catchiest of songs ever to be sang. Once you hear them, they're forever yours!

This afternoon, my husband & I traveled, truly to the center of our state, to the town of Middletown, for our very first live performance of the most famous & favorite of the Gilbert & Sullivan creations. The stage set was delicate, & stunning. The costumes were colorful, & the music so right on, that it brought me back to those childhood days of listening to my parents old record collection.

This performance & production was presented by the -- Connecticut Gilbert & Sullivan Society, thus stating, "CG&SS is dedicated to the preservation & enjoyment of the rich heritage of satire & melody that emerged from the unique partnership of William Gilbert & Arthur Sullivan."

The performance was everything I had imaged & more. There's nothing quite like live theatre, it's transformational, lifting the heart, & taking one on a fantastic journey, back to one's being one of-- "three little maids from school".

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