Saturday, October 9, 2010

Autumn Colors With Flags In The Breeze

An on high view of the new Kiosk, which is on the site of the town's once, Train Station.

I will in time add some additional photos of the Kiosk to the Peace Garden, but I ran down my camera's battery today, & forgot to charge the extra for backup. It was a lack of sleep oversight, as I was stapling these beautiful flags for four hours down on the laundry counter in our cellar last night. I wanted each flag to complement the flag next to it, so there-- , we had it, some colorful, free flowing kinetic art.
I just love all that it represents, the positive energy of the young people who so freely expressed their views & feelings, with an array color, in artful messages, for all to share, view & enjoy!

A simple yet typically beautiful view where my husband & I chose to go, for our afternoon walk before ending this preciously beautiful October day, in our neck of the woods.
We had a special event in our town today. A new Kiosk was dedicated at a central location to the Historic AirLine Trail which runs through Connecticut, & may even connect to other state points. What made it extremely special, was an art project that is most near & dear to my heart. The "Conservation/Nature Flags" that you are viewing, were all hand decorated by the children of our town, using recycled fabrics. This creative craft outreach project was sponsored by our town's Conservation Commission, & were recently completed by the town's children during a Positively Pomfret Day event, & later an additional 200+ flags, creatively decorated, by Girl Scout Troop # 65117.

Who doesn't just love a flag, to create, to wave & to view. Enjoy!


The Ribbon Cutting Kiosk Event today was co sponsored by:

the Town of Pomfret & Connecticut Audubon

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