Friday, October 29, 2010

Seasonal Thoughts & The Nature Of Nature

It occurred to me today as my husband & I were out raking leaves--

We had a super large pile of them, which we needed to rake down the driveway, into the woods. A heavy gust of wind blew up our way & carried a bit of the pile right to where we were raking them. "That's good.", my husband said. A few minutes later, much to our surprise, [why it was a a surprise I really can't say, as it happens all the time], the direction of the wind changed. Now the leaves were no longer being blown to our assigned spot in the woods, but more like, up the driveway, & not quite in our face.
"That's about right." I added, "Only nature creates it's self, in one gust, & destroys it's self in the other."

I thought of the devastation's & tragedies brought on by natures wrath, how we as humans can only do so much to prevent or lessen the impact of such forces. How some human beings wrestle with both the good & not so good within. Their natural forces of nature. How we human beings, many, thankfully have the ability to "think" before acting [or as the mental health professionals would say "act out"], but not all do.

These are the human tides, & the tides of time. As human beings we do have the obligation & responsibility to keep trying, not only for ourselves, but as Emanuel Kant would say--
for the "greater good", of what is far larger than each & every individual.

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