Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Buddhism At The Peace Abbey With David White

Many objects & symbols to aid in meditating, world peace, always at the heart.
Our teacher David White, a most knowledgeable & kind hearted soul. It was a most pleasurable & informative first session, in his Buddhism Seminar.
The Chapel of The Peace Abbey, graced with vivid colors & symbols of our varied faiths...
These three beautiful, warm & friendly gals are- Jane, who is standing in the middle with her two daughters, Emily on her left, & Lucy on her right.

The book Siddhartha by, Herman Hess was my first introduction to Buddhism. What a jewel of a book that is, so small, so rich, so enduring, so timeless. With that said, & my first introduction to the story of the Buddha probably as far back as my preteen years, I have remained fascinated all these decades. Certainly some of my college courses, such as those in English literature & philosophy touched upon it, but it was never quite deep enough for my sense of wanting to learn even more.

So there we were my husband who was raised in the Catholic faith, & I in the Jewish faith, there we were with about eight or so other people, all, also of varied backgrounds, delving into a philosophy that has fascinated & has been the staple of a civilization for thousand of years.

What I like about Buddhism is the aspect of "non guilt", love, compassion & our being one with one another, all of nature, the universe. In my mind & heart it agrees with what Judaism teaches, that we are here to, "repair the world". I like it, for it feels right to me, much as any native person knows-- "We are one with the heavens & the earth".


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