Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Newly Crafted Peace Flags, They're All My Favorites*

In our neck of the woods, United Nations International Day Of Peace, is to be held on Sunday September 12th, at 1pm, in Rotary Park, Putnam, Ct. The Greater Putnam Interfaith Council is a local sponsor of this "world wide" United Nations, event.

Hope to see you there!


For the past several weeks I have been making these very simplistic peace flags. I first made some two years ago when I was to do this as an activity with the area children. Since that time, I've sort of refined my technique. Using not only inexpensive pillow cases, but also old clothing that is due for recycling. It's a pretty special way to give new life & purpose to a former uniform or other item of clothing that will no longer make the fashion cut, but now has a much loftier purpose-- To catch a breeze or two, & to enjoy the changing winds of time. With that, a whole new view.

If you should decide to make some, you won't be disappointed, as working with the simple fabrics, basic designs, textures, & colors, do reawaken deeply planted thoughts, those of our finest dreams & "possibilities". Yes all things are possible, & that means even peace. One step at a time.

Peace be with you.

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