Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Early Morning Thoughts---

Being a parent isn't child's play. It is the most wonderful, yet at the same time the most heart rendering undertaking a person can ever do.

Even when you yourself know that a decision may not be what you would consider to be the best, you must release, & allow the adult, that was once your small child, who will always be your child, but is now, a full adult, to make their own decisions, their own way. No different I suppose than when the adult parent becomes much, much older, & when the then, adult child tries to teach or speak their wisdom, & the then parent, also needs to learn their life's lesson in their own way too.

Heaven help the adult child. Heaven help the parent, please too. We are linked, in matter & in time. To hopefully learn new ways, with hope, that we continue to grow forth in healthy ways.

So help us God.

{The thought provoking piece included in the last of these photos, is from The Chicago Institute Of Art.}

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