Saturday, August 28, 2010

Here There, & Seemingly Everywhere--

Miniature Golf, along the great purple way.....
A grist mill, like no other, just one of many stops along the course.

In the photo below the gal you see leading Dolly out of our cellar doorway, is Lindsey, one of the trainers from the Canine Fence Co. Linsey is giving Dolly & I a Visible lesson. We had our Invisible lesson on the previous day, with Susie, who is due back this coming Thursday. All in all, it's been a very busy week for Dolly & I, but most productive nonetheless.


Here There, & Seemingly Everywhere

It's been quite the week. I had one "Invisible" lesson, then a visit out of town, to visit with my grandchildren. Together the three of us saw the movie, "Nanny McPhee Returns", which was surprisingly, excellent! Dolly & I had another lesson, this one Visible, & last but not least a visit again, with the fam*, to celebrate our grandson's 8th Birthday! Subway was his choice, which was fun, as he got to choose all his favorite ingredients. After having lunch together, it was next door for a game of Miniature Golf. Yes, he did win, but it was fair & square due to an incredible hole in one, that he accomplished, which helped to make this Birthday even more special then we could have anticipated. My take on being a grandmother is that it's an incredible experience, all that love & nurturing you've given your own children, unfolding & overflowing to the next generation. Emerging new people & their personalities, & new experiences, all renewed. * "Life is a circle, love is the soul......" [From a modern day Jewish folk song, & oh so very true.]


Dolly's making progress, it is a commitment, of which I feel certain we will succeed in. She definitely has a lot more energy than I bargained for when I adopted her. The puppy adoption folks were supposed to match me up with an easy going, laid back type of dog. Instead I now have this incredibly energetic, very sweet, hound dog. She only barks when she's lonely for our company, that's it. Cars go up & down the driveway, & Dolly could care less. At least she's been able to save my garden from the deer, that's a good thing, but she's still too wild to play with my grandchildren, which is a disappointment. I do think in time, she will calm down. It's just that she's been living her life "squared" & really, who could live like that & be calm & relaxed enough to be with others. We are making progress. Good thing she has a turtle for a surrogate mom. We're going slow & steady, & no one has to really win, just to continue to progress. I love you Dolly, & I'm giving you every chance to keep you here with us, as--- "I know we can make it, I know darn well...."

Also, I've been on "facebook" now for just a few weeks. I'll give it a little time, but I can see how it can become quite a-- time consuming sponge, especially for people like me, "oye, or better yet, "Time will tell.". I'll let you know, as it's still all new to me, but I will have to rein it in, already. This much I do know. Coffee, sweets, & maybe a bit too much time on the computer for me can be a real, problemo. Addictions come in all shapes, sizes & forms, all of mine our legal, it's just a matter of how do I want to allocate my time. Goal-- Not being a slave to any. Ok, I've put on the safety breaks a wee bit here, for more time, in real time, which is much better, for my overall good health.

Now to practice Dolly's & my lesson. Our success is only a mere bark away.....

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