Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Those Beautiful Berkshires, All That They Offer & More--

First view of the Berkshires on the grounds of Tanglewood, Lenox, Ma.
On a weekend this lawn would have chairs & blankets for thousands of music lovers.

A mini mansion club house on the grounds. Note the interesting roof above the porch on the upper left side.
The night was young, & we anxiously awaited the Herbie Hancock Concert that was to begin.
I wonder if this is the tree that Tanglewood was named for.....

On Monday August 9th, my husband & I traveled to Lenox, Ma., the home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra's summer home, Tanglewood. The experience certainly ranked right up there with our "California Dreaming", state of mind experience!

The mountains of the Berkshires are gently rolled, & sweetly welcoming. They have a character all their own. There's nothing like a trip up to the mountains during a hot & humid summer to relax the mind & renew the senses. Lenox, Ma., is as beautiful as a piece of fine china, but far nicer. Fine china, porcelain, & crystal are of course made by very talented & artistic people, but the natural beauty of nature is of course what it is. Made by nature, of no person's hand, majestically charming, simple yet powerful. "Just... right"!

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