Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Herbie Hancock, A Maestro Of A Talent & A True Peacemaker

On stage at Ozawa Hall, Tanglewood, Lenox, Ma.
An interior side view of Ozawa Hall, I counted four floors of balconies, all with excellent viewing.
A most unusual building, which to us looked like a barn made out of bricks. A very clever design.
Looking outside from our seats in the orchestra section & outside onto the lawn. It appeared as if we were looking out of a big barn door. We think that was the intended, desired effect. Very stately, how the vast opening framed the quaint country view.
Inside has a cathedral like feel, elevating the art of music to the heavens on high. Very fitting indeed.

When we were up at Tanglewood on Monday 8/9/10 we had the very special pleasure of attending Herbie Hancock's concert entitled, "The Imagine Project". This stellar gentleman of Jazz gave us one of the most heartfelt performances we ever attended.

The group consisted of a drummer, a bass guitarist, a lead guitarist, a keyboard/vocalist, a female guest singer & of course the maestro himself, Mr. Herbie Hancock.

The set opened with real powerful instrumentation, each musician blending & contrasting his tweaks as they would twine. Herbie introduced most graciously all of the members of his quintet, with a special introduction for his lead vocalist, & an additional introduction for his keyboardist who is also a very gifted singer. "The Imagine Project" the title of his latest CD, which is, he explained is, in a sense an honoring of John Lennon's song "Imagine". He continued to talk about the meaning of the song & it's words, "living all in peace....., some say, I am a dreamer, but I'm not the only one...." Stressing how all of us "have come from somewhere, & those that were originally here, knew how to respect & take care of the earth." After this full explanation the lead female vocalist sang "Imagine" as the band accompanied, & she also harmonized with the gifted keyboardist, who's voice was smooth & penetrating. Following "Imagine", the group played again as the two vocalist sang their parts for the Cook song "Change Is Gonna Come". The blend of such a two part harmony sparkled the evening's concert hall performance. Herbie Hancock spoke very strongly regarding, "our responsibility to take care of the earth, not only for ourselves, but for our children, & their children's children."

Jazz doesn't always wow me, but when Herbie Hancock plays jazz, the quality of sounds & the blending of the compositions, truly, "wows us away"! Just take a listen to "Chameleon", it is a signature piece, a work that begs to be played again & again.

Bless you Herbie Hancock, you & all your musicians & singers, for you are the truest of the true. Your workings towards, & your message of change, & peace, rings clearer than any bell I have ever heard. "So help us God."


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