Friday, August 6, 2010

Testing The Water, Is Healthy For Good Coffee Too*

Last night I attended a writer's group meeting for the first time in 3o years. A week ago or so I was experiencing one of those "wo is me" moments, dealing with trying to create the discipline to write & also dealing with the isolation the craft necessities.

We met at a local library, & at present there are five of us, one man had to drop out due to family commitments, of whom I've never met, but another woman had joined. Three of the people have met as a group before, & two of us are new. This group appears serious, & most of the members have solid goals. When I originally participated in a group such as this, the writing commitment wasn't quite as strong, & several of us fractured off. From that group I met my friend "B". She no longer lives close by, but in another state, nonetheless we have remained good friends over the decades. We travel the miles to visit one another for extensive visits, her husband & mine have become friends too. She & I are still connected by our mutual love of writing & it's goals. We have a special understanding of this strong "inner creative life long process", of which we maintain to this day, so many decades later.

So here I am, trying out a new group. Our ages are varied, & the count for now is, four women & one man. All of us have different backgrounds, & our styles are as unique as the individuals that we are. You can say I am testing the waters, as that is what I do. I have no expectations other than some input that will help me maintain my goals, & improve my skills. To get my story out, & to help the other members of this group get there too. Water testing, so very basic, yet so very important for good health.

So here I sit enjoying my first few cups of coffee this morning, thinking this all over, yet knowing intuitively as any enviromentalist would say-- "Water testing, so very basic, yet so very important too." How's that for a cup or two.

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