Thursday, August 19, 2010

United Nations International Day Of Peace, Is A Global Event--

My husband the maker of our community's Peace Pole, here he stands after just delivering the eight foot, four sided message, to the Putnam Town Library. A perfect spot, for it to greet all.
The Peace Pole states "May Peace Prevail On Earth", in the following languages of; Arabic, Spanish, French, Turkish, Vietnamese, French, Hebrew, & English.
Still so much behind the scenes items to get done, but we are inspired & could do no less. Everyone in the Greater Putnam Interfaith Council takes the message of this event so to heart, & all are working so very hard to get the message out.

No matter our color
No matter our size
No matter our origins
No matter our ties

No matter our gender
No matter our choice
No matter our faith
No matter our voice

No matter our borders
No matter our views
No matter our politics
Matters to you

Living on earth
Living on air
Living on water
Best finally care

Under one sun
Know it's the truth
Know that it matters
Long in the tooth

Matters to earth
Matters to you
Matters for neighbors







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