Sunday, August 22, 2010

Creating Peace Flags, It's Just Like Child's Play

A perfect end to a rainy day project, note the classic Ann & Andy. They'll look so very cool waving in the breezes of the Quinebaug River.

The steps needed to create the peace flags. Below is the basic step one.
& the necessary water & iron....
They often say measure twice, cut once, but these are so very basic, & simple to do. Nothing has to be exact, but when they're done they have a child like charm.

A rainy Sunday & perfect to prepare some fabric for peace flags, which is my activity for Peace Day 2010.

A lot of the fabric was left over from two years ago, & I'll probably get some more, just to be certain I have enough on hand for this year's event. There are now 44 pieces of fabric ready to go, in the various colors of-- white, yellow, light green, & navy. I plan on appliqueing some shapes & forms on some of the fabric, & later they'll be embellished with crayons, markers & paints, depending what each child chooses to work with. In the making they all turn out very unique, & when strung together on a piece of twine, moving in a soft breeze, they will look simply beautiful with their messages of peace.


Monday 8/23/10 at 12:58am} I just got done with the last of the appliqueing. Appliqueing is a lot of fun, as I can use the fabric from old clothing & other items. This project is very basic, & the fact that there's recycling involved makes it even more rewarding. In the next few days I'll add a hint of acrylic paint, & then they'll be all set to attach to some twine. At the very top of this page is a sampling of the peace flags, shown in their second stage of completeness. The best is yet to come.

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