Thursday, August 19, 2010

Waiting For An "Invisible" Solution---

Here it is a Thursday morning, I've been up since 7:13 or so, & have been on "Invisible" alert. I was told to have a window of time set aside, to expect the folks who will be installing Dolly's Invisible Fence. Since it's now 10am, it's really any time now....

My next posting will be about this new adventure. I won't be receiving my Human Training 101, component until next Wednesday, but first things first. First the mechanics of getting the technology installed. Our neighbor just down the driveway from us had it for her dog, & my brother has it up in Massachusetts for his two dogs. They are both loyal fans of the product. I've been told that this is the far best route to go for my very active four pawed amiga, so I'll keep you posted. Wish us luck.

11:37am-- Yes, still waiting. Just got off the phone with the "Invisible" peeps. They're running late I was told, & I am now, to now expect them between 1:30--2pm, still today. I told them I'll be here, but a phone call would have been a good thing, which I also expressed. After all the Canine Fence company, of who's coming to set us up, employs people. Right Dolly? Ok, we'll just have to let sleeping dogs lie. "Woof" ! , & to you too !

2pm-- They're here. The technician's name is Toby, & he spent a good 20minutes walking the property with me. Once he eye balled our yard, he called the company for back up, yes back up here on the Slope, for good ole' Dolly's project. Yes, Dolly my once in a lifetime zillion dollar dog. Or as Mr. Rogers would say, "Because, you are so, special to me."

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