Monday, August 16, 2010

Home Is Where The Heart Is, & That Means My Dog Too

A designer dog house in the Berkshire Botanical Garden, Lenox, Massachusetts. I definitely like the paint job, but prefer Dolly's igloo a lot better, right Dolly?
Wendy just about ready to take off in her company Prius. She was very informative, & I feel most confident that this is definitely a good way to go....

Well it's all set, Dolly will be getting some new freedoms. Wendy from the Canine Fence company, was out here today at 2:30pm. She certainly knows a lot about the Invisible Fence concept, & it's technique. The consult was very interesting, & a most promising solution to my little wanders problemo. This Thursday's the day with installation booked on my calendar.

Wish me luck, Dolly too that is. Wendy agreed with me, that what this herding bred dog needs is, open space, with room to run. Dolly may eventually choose to go up on her roof, but maybe not, as she'll finally be able to get a more grounds eye view & lay of the land. "Arf, Arf, Arf...."
"Ok, I get it. We're trying here.!"

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