Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Space Clearing Of This Writers Mind, Defining One's Path--

Last Thursday I set aside the evening to attend a newly formed writers group. I did a search on the net, & found what I thought I was looking for. This writers group meets at a library only a half hour from where I live. They were a newly formed group, & I was to be the fifth member. I attended my first meeting, but after much thought, many emails, & various conversations with my husband & son, I finally decided to trust my gut instinct. Certainly this is a good group of very nice & talented people, but definitely not the right group for me. One definitely knows how to listen to themselves on things such as these & what has come to light is that as a group, it is a mismatch of various levels of project completion & goals. Also the topic of peace. Peace of mind comes very naturally when one is in the right group, but when one is not, the potential for unsettling, unnecessary drama, does fill the mind with unsettling irritability. The company we seek & keep, does affect who we are & what we become.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. So true, so true.

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