Monday, August 2, 2010

A Summer Of Deep Rooted Trees, L'Chaim To Life

Just this past Saturday my husband & I, who are now empty nesters, held an Old Fashioned New England Bar-B-Q doing are best to keep it simple, yet trying to include some old standards & favorites. My husband got to really give his new grill a workout preparing, hot dogs, burgers & fresh picked corn, with our family & son's close friends adding to the fare-- Our son brought lox, cream cheese, & roasted garlic clabatta bread, our daughter in law made a very beautiful & tasty taco salad, my husband & mother prepared the strawberries for strawberry short cake, my brother & sister in law brought homemade whoopee pies that they had just prepared, & my mother brought the champagne. There were also s' mores to be had later in the evening, after a hot dog themed trivia game, that my sister in law & brother hosted just before the kick ball event on the side yard, especially orchestrated for our two grand children.

Now that all of our immediate family members no longer live with us here on The Slope, setting aside a date that works for all has of course become a bit more challenging, but we all persevere at trying our best to make it all "come together".

A Summertime of honoring family milestones is what I would call this season-- two wedding anniversaries, a birthday, university degree programs completed, an exam taken, a new job placement, & a retirement. It was certainly a heart felted toast that afternoon, with many smiles, laughs & remembrances in our hearts of all that this small family has come through, honoring those that have come before us, in inspiring us to make this reality of which we now live, come true.

L'Chaim, to life!.........

This cluster of magnificent redwoods are located in The Founders section of the Redwood Forrest, including the interesting root ball, still very much attached to the tree you see laying on it's side, which toppled quite naturally some years ago, & is being left respectfully, in it's natural state. The majesty & beauty of these trees is a pure miracle on earth to behold. They too are our family trees, our strength, & our diversity, of a deep rooted knowledge to go on.

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