Sunday, August 1, 2010

Summertime, Family Times Of Gathering The Generations....

A beautiful still life that greets customers at the counter of Sal & Lisa's restaurant!Above is our beloved uncle, & the smiling couple you see here are my cousins & my uncle, my cousin's dad.

Sal & Lisa who hosted this awesome surprise 50th Birthday Party at their restaurant in Long Island, N.Y. Here they are just below the Robert Moses picture.

My aunt & my cousins. My aunt is the 3rd of my father's three sisters. The gal you see in red, is the birthday girl!
My aunt & uncle. My aunt is my father's 2nd sister, my aunt & uncle introduced my parents to each other, & then it was a historic, "love at first sight", ta, da... another wedding & another family, as so we all began.
Above is the city scape of New York, New York, from a Long Island view.

The window of this deli, has my aunt's namesake.

It's been a busy summer, good busy, but definitely busy. Last Sunday we attended my cousin from my father's side of the family, my cousin D's surprise 50th Birthday Party, in Long Island N.Y. It was great to be together with aunts, uncles, &, cousins again. We all traveled from different far away points; Florida, New Jersey, Brooklyn, N.Y. & Connecticut. My husband & I, together with my bother, & sister in law, had a good road trip. We were fortunate to be spared from heavy N.Y. traffic, but did witness one episode of road rage just after going over the Triborough Bridge. Thankfully nothing came of it, & everyone continued to have a safe travels.

The Fam* was just wonderful to be together with, being we all live so far away from one another, we really don't gather as often as we would like, but when we do, it really is pure magic!

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