Saturday, August 1, 2009

Far Reaching Possibilities--

The above is of my cousin's relief wall sculpture, can you tell what it is? 

My dear friend & coauthor & I have continued to make wonderful progress on our Children's Book.  We really like the proposed sketches that have been sent our way & have proposed only a few minor changes.  This is a very new & exciting venture for us, though I've been telling & reading stories to children all my life, this is the first time a project like this has ever been attempted on our part, so as Luke & his friends have said soo many times before--- "May the force be with us.", {turtle I am, Yoda-speak}

At the end of the day, I often find reassurance & a quiet friend indeed when I visit the web site of Deepak Chopra, his philosophy & wisdom is far reaching.  You too may enjoy it & can visit him anytime that is good at -- [].  The internet with all that it has to offer, the positive that is, has certainly brought forth a world of immense & far reaching ideas & possibilities.

May peace be with you.     

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