Monday, August 24, 2009

What's Not To Love--

A morning routine begins with Dolly on the deck after enjoying her breakfast.

Every day in every way it's getting better & better in every way--

Today I slept in till 8:15am, & the day went well. Dolly's getting into a routine, & my body feels a whole lot better. She seemingly enjoys hanging around us, & stays around the yard. My husband fine tuned the kennel, so there are no more escapes. We only put her in her 12' by 12' fenced area if we are going out. Tonight we had dinner out with our son & his girlfriend, & were gone for approximately 3 hours for a gourmet dinner. No escapes from the kennel & Dolly-- "All's well that ends well." She's now in her crate in our airy & spacious cellar, for her usual overnight which she seems to like & that situation too [staying dry & clean] is also improving.

"See you in the morning Dolly." I too am getting better & better at this with every day. Which is a good thing as my work schedule kicks in on Sept. 1st & we should be jelled into a positive & workable routine.

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