Thursday, July 30, 2009

Slow But Steady, Never Too Old To Learn, & Keeping On With The Dream*

Mother Teresa said it well, "Do small things with great love.", as we continue on our paths... "turtle power".

Just a few new goals of progress on the horizon of life in the computer world for me.  I'll keep you posted, as I haven't really written about it much.  The one main hint is our "Children's Book", which my good friend & I completed 3 years ago, [which is destined to become a series], gives me great hope to know that this project is moving forward-- "slow, but steady", as family & friends have been asking the question for some time now; "When is it coming out, what is it about?"  "Slow & Steady, {hmm, which Greek fable/story teller said those words?  No one of course can ever expect to endure like Aesop over the millenniums, but a good story is just that, a good story, & in time we will be able to share ours with "yaz".  "Yes I'm a dreamer, & not the only one", certainly influenced by the Beatles, the music that defines our generation.

Love, Salam/Shalom to *All


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