Saturday, August 22, 2009

It's A Pet Party Of Sorts, With Introductions All Around--

My grandson introducing Dolly to his cat Zoey--
Bailey, I'd like you to meet your cousin Dolly--Dolly in our backyard today, a rather hot & humid-- "Dog Day Afternoon", of-- "Home On The Range"--

I was exhausted last night. My husband & I both had a good laugh when he said regarding Dolly-- "She's kicking your butt." & that she is. My joints & muscles have so many more places & spaces to say "oye" from-- wow, have I gotten soft.

I know I should have gotten up earlier this morning, but I needed to catch up on my sleep & 8:30am that was it. No complaints here.

Yesterday we took Dolly to meet her cousin, Bailey-- a bouncy, sweet, buff colored cockapoo, [our son's family dog]. She also had an-- "Encounter with A Cat, For The First Time", as she met Zoey their orange colored, sweet fluff ball; of a cat. Our son & grandchildren were thrilled with the visit, as were we; the proud-- parents, grandparents & new puppy parents-- of all, that we've evolved to be.


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